My First Blog Entry

Hello world! Having my own blog site was a “not so big dream” of mine. Being a famous blogger or having well flooded traffic on my site was just part of some daydreams in those most boring hours of my college years. I just wrote this “blog entry” on a piece of scratch paper (yes! You read it right XD); then I’m going to transfer it on my laptop hoping that this “blog entry” will be published someday. If you are reading this now, then probably my “not so big dream” had already come true or you’re a thief (who stole my laptop) ;).

By the way it’s February 8, 2013 today (the day I wrote this entry) and just wondering… when would this blog entry be published on the World Wide Web?  I just hope that I’m not wasting my time now trying to make a blog entry for nothing.


3 Replies to “My First Blog Entry”

  1. oh captain my captain! let us see your world. bring our eyes to your exciting literary sailings. when you circumavigate the world, in each island, country or continent, don’t forget to kiss the ground. cheers to your first blog!

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