Creepy Bathroom Moments

creepy bathroom moments

Indeed, a very scary creature! I don’t know what kind of spider is this; but this one really scares me until this very day. You might not be familiar with this kind of spider; but, it’s pretty common here in the Philippines. It is not an aggressive type. I haven’t seen them used its web as its “home.”It can stay in a spot for hours but when it starts to move around, it will surely make you sprint away! Hhhhhmmm… I think it’s bigger than the hand of my five-year old brother.

Last few days ago, I saw this spider near the gate while I was reading some blogs. I called my little brothers to come over to see if they will have the same funny frightened expression like the one we typically see on a funny movie :D. It was hilarious! I wish my hands were too fast so I could capture a picture of that funny moment ha-ha! I suddenly remember my own experience with this kind of spider so I told them my story while they’re curiously looking at that “monster.”

I remember the time when I was still a kid making alibis not to go to shower. Perhaps no kid in this entire world would be grateful to enter a bathroom that has a spider in it (a spider that’s bigger than your hand!!!). And there was no chance for that spider to be kicked out of the house because according to my parents, “they eat insects and they won’t hurt you.” Of course,there were times that I had no choice but to enter that bathroom, and all I could do was to keep an eye with that creepy monster. Being alert is the name of the game. That spider is fast! It can reach you in a blink of an eye.

I also had this weird theory that spiders can sense fear XD. There is one time when I was “keeping an eye” on that spider (fearfully for sure), I noticed that the spider was moving towards me like it was threatening me. From that moment, I made a conclusion that spiders can sense fear. And if you look at them fearfully; it will surely scare you more! XD.

Yeah, I know I had a wild imagination when I was a kid :D. My fear today somehow subsides up to the point that I can take a picture of it. But I will never try to touch that freaking spider.


6 Replies to “Creepy Bathroom Moments”

  1. Oh my god, that spider is huge! I would be terrified if I found that in my bathroom. We don’t have spiders that big in Scotland… or if we do, they hide themselves really well!!


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