Okay, just to make things clear, I have no intent of insulting the author and/or the fans since I am a fan myself. I also have no intent to critique the book. This blog entry is just about fitting myself in one of the five factions.

I’ve been reading Divergent series in my vacant hours for weeks now. Actually, I am currently reading the second book of the three. The first book made me mad! I couldn’t stop  thinking what faction should I have joined in if the story was real or if I were one of the characters in the book.

Join me as I evaluate myself being in the Five Factions.



Yes, Dauntless headquarters is a very cool place but, I would never ever choose this faction even if my aptitude test result suggests Dauntless. How can I enter the simulation in the “Fear Landscape” to face my fear of needles if the simulation serum will be injected in my neck to be able for the simulation to work? It would be fine for me to jump  and fall five floors above the ground (I guess). It would be awesome to try a zip line that starts at the top of a skyscraper (I love zip lines). Train rides and the underground river are  just few of the awesome things that you can see or experience if you join Dauntless. But a simulation serum that will be injected in my neck? No way!
Reading those parts of the book makes me shiver badly. I’m not brave enough to join dauntless.



If I am going to consider the aptitude test, counting the rule that the test taker must be sixteen, I guess I can pass Candor. The sad part is that I’m going to end up FACTIONLESS:  (1) For rejecting the truth serum to be injected  in my neck. (2) For lying. Come on, no one is a total honest. Even Honesto, the honest kid, lies sometimes.



Ahhh… The peaceful ones. Friendly. Social beings but uninvolved. Amity is the best faction for me. I can see camaraderie, peace, contentment, and happiness in this community. Their “no-formal-leader” setting is also great. Every voice in this community is being heard equally. Wow.
One thing I hate in this faction is the “uninvolved” part. How can you ever call a friend a friend when he/she becomes uninvolved when you have a problem or got into trouble? It is not bad to step forward and listen to both sides when two of your friends have misunderstanding. It is also not bad to weigh every fact in an issue and take side after. It would be very difficult to stay in the middle of the two bumping cars.



The “Ravenclaws” of the city. This faction shows the importance of education. Composed of witty people, Erudite Faction upholds and keeps the continuity and the advancement of technology in the city. I think, Erudite is also not for me. Yes, learning is fun! Actually I like Erudite until I reached the part of the book where people started studying Tri’s brain. Ha-ha! I’m not that much into Neuroscience. It is a vital faction but I can’t imagine myself being old (as old as Jeanine Matthews…not that old XD) still researching on something.



“The Safe faction”. Safe because there is a very little chance for you to be kicked out of the group and be factionless.
I think I won’t be happy in this faction. Helping other people is good but living in a life with “zero” self-indulgence is dull. It is always nice to pick the color of your room or have a slice of cake when you pass an exam on Calculus or something. Hanging out with your friends to watch movies every end of the final exam week either to celebrate good exam results or to just chill out after having a hell week of sleepless nights–reviewing and taking examinations–is not bad too. You are not going to receive “death sentence” when you do these things, right?
Anyways, I guess there is really no total selfless person living on this planet. But, I think it would be fun to try it for some time.


No sixth or seventh faction?!? I haven’t fully fitted to any of the five yet. Hence, it proves that I am a Divergent . Actually, we are all Divergent. We never live our lives doing only one thing. There may be a chemistry professor who has a passion for Dj-ing or baking. We always have extra activities like me, keeping this blog and you, reading this blog entry.
But at the end of the day, if I have no choice but to pick one, I would choose Amity.


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