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Hey Guys, my about page is kind of outdated and it is so 2013 (insert “lol” emoticon here). So, I decided to change it. May I just inform you that it is kind of different from a typical “About Page.” I hope you’ll like my new “About Page.”


Blogging Goal no. 123: Upgrade to “.Com”

Today, the 13th of March, 2016 (Just a few moments ago), I finally have a “.com” site. It’s been a dream of mine to purchase http://www.iamziano.com. I didn’t even have a blog back then, but it was clear to me that I liked to have one.

I was planning to have a travel blog, though it’s kinda impossible for me to achieve that now because my schedule is nailed to work. I hope that this move will ignite everything it needs to ignite for me to set some time just for travel and blogging. 😉


This is indeed a happy night. Good night folks! I hope that you’re having a wonderful day/night (well, whichever applies to your time zone). XD

I was checking out my news feed on Facebook when I suddenly stumbled upon an interesting video about a notebook. It looks like a promotional vid for a product, but I had my hesitations for it was just too cool!

It’s so cool (well, it’s just my opinion). It may be just a notebook for ordinary folks, but for me, it’s like an iPhone 6S’ 3D touch or LG V10’s camera! It brings the notebook to a whole new level.

Well, here’s the link of the video for you to judge if it’s cool or not. I’m sure that bookworms, aspiring novelists, diary keepers, or simply those people who love writing will definitely like this video about the REKONECT MAGNETIC NOTEBOOK.

A Time to Look Back


What a great day to start the year 2016!

I chose to stay at home, but a lot of things happened today. I did not even bother to wait for 12 midnight for I was not having a good day that time. I should have been excited and thrilled for I really wanted to end the year 2015.

2015 was a not-so-good year for me. A lot of challenges happened, especially the last few months of this year. I got hospitalized because of Dengue Fever. I was like in the hospital for about a week. When I was still in the hospital, my youngest brother, Justin, got sick. He had a fever and later found out that he was also having Dengue Fever. I already knew that something was happening that time. I even asked my ex-girlfriend to tell what’s happening, but her lips were tightly sealed. She was asked not to say a word about what’s happening. I later found out that one morning, Justin vomited blood. And it was not like a vomit with blood. He literally puked blood, as in blood like you see in a Hollywood movie. For those of you who’s not aware of Dengue, It is a disease caused by mosquitoes carrying the Dengue virus. And bleeding in Dengue equivalents to “critical stage.” Fortunately, Justin survived. He actually recovered faster than me.

A few days later, Daniel (my brother whose slightly older than Justin), got sick. And yes, it was also because of Dengue Fever. He did not experience any kind of bleeding, but his platelets were too low. We were informed by the doctors that it was not good. They were actually planning to perform blood transfusions if his blood test results did not get any better. He stayed in the hospital for more than a week.

November came and my aunt got hospitalized. I hope it was because of Dengue Fever because it is not that life-threatening if detected in an early stage but it’s not. She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She’s been hospitalized four times from November to December. She had her operation before Christmas. It was a tense day, but we (I rather) considered it as a good day because the doctor said that based on tumor that was taken out, it looks like it was not cancerous. We are still waiting for the results of the biopsy though.

Towards the end of the year, the 29th of December, 2015 to be exact. My ex-girlfriend and I had a fight because of the unresolved problems we had in the past. We unofficially broke up that day. Unofficial because we (or perhaps it’s just me) already knew that we came to a point that things got complicated between us… too complicated to find a remedy to save our relationship. We did not have any communication until today. She texted me and we greeted each other a happy new year. The issue was opened up again so it resulted a little argument through SMS. She said a lot of bad things about me. It was just fine for me for I did not take it seriously. I knew that she’s just angry, that’s why she said those things. I also knew that she did not mean it. Also, who am I to get mad if I myself have said a lot of bad things to her in the past?

I consider myself as a kinda-honest person. I’m too honest that she begun hating it. I never filter my words, I say what I what I need to say. I say even the things she doesn’t want to hear. I say everything she needs to know… whether she likes to hear it or not. And I want people to do the same to me. If I need to know something, then you have to tell it to me whether it’s a good news or not. She was my opposite. She tends to keep things on her own up until the problem is too big for her to handle. I hated it… I actually still hate it.

She lied to me. It was a small problem, but that lie was covered with lies… lies that were covered by another set of lies. I came to a point that I did not trust her anymore. I knew that our relationship won’t work anymore. Loving her was not enough to keep our relationship, but I gave us a chance. I tried to fix our problem. I tried to trust her again but things were not just working anymore.

After a few hours of ceased-fire in our respective inboxes, she has begun to accept things (based on how I interpreted her message). She also said that she’s going to miss me. After that, she said her last “I love you” and said goodbye. I apologized once again for all the bad things I’ve said to her and for all the flaws I had in our relationship.

I indirectly offered friendship, but I have not received any replies from her yet. Perhaps she’s still not ready for that. And I respect that.

To the girl I loved, Thank you for being part of my 2015! Thank you for those crazy, ups and downs, and bumpy 5 months (almost 6 months) of roller coaster ride we had. I’ll surely treasure it. Once again, sorry for all the bad things I’ve done. I hope that we’re going to be good friends soon.

It was indeed a tough year for me. Despite of all those challenges my family faced, we still managed to survive 2015.

To my mom, this blog post is for you. We survived 2015 because of all the efforts you’ve done. Also, thank you for asking me to resurrect my blog. I needed that. Happy 2016! 🙂


Okay, just to make things clear, I have no intent of insulting the author and/or the fans since I am a fan myself. I also have no intent to critique the book. This blog entry is just about fitting myself in one of the five factions.

I’ve been reading Divergent series in my vacant hours for weeks now. Actually, I am currently reading the second book of the three. The first book made me mad! I couldn’t stop  thinking what faction should I have joined in if the story was real or if I were one of the characters in the book.

Join me as I evaluate myself being in the Five Factions.



Yes, Dauntless headquarters is a very cool place but, I would never ever choose this faction even if my aptitude test result suggests Dauntless. How can I enter the simulation in the “Fear Landscape” to face my fear of needles if the simulation serum will be injected in my neck to be able for the simulation to work? It would be fine for me to jump  and fall five floors above the ground (I guess). It would be awesome to try a zip line that starts at the top of a skyscraper (I love zip lines). Train rides and the underground river are  just few of the awesome things that you can see or experience if you join Dauntless. But a simulation serum that will be injected in my neck? No way!
Reading those parts of the book makes me shiver badly. I’m not brave enough to join dauntless.



If I am going to consider the aptitude test, counting the rule that the test taker must be sixteen, I guess I can pass Candor. The sad part is that I’m going to end up FACTIONLESS:  (1) For rejecting the truth serum to be injected  in my neck. (2) For lying. Come on, no one is a total honest. Even Honesto, the honest kid, lies sometimes.



Ahhh… The peaceful ones. Friendly. Social beings but uninvolved. Amity is the best faction for me. I can see camaraderie, peace, contentment, and happiness in this community. Their “no-formal-leader” setting is also great. Every voice in this community is being heard equally. Wow.
One thing I hate in this faction is the “uninvolved” part. How can you ever call a friend a friend when he/she becomes uninvolved when you have a problem or got into trouble? It is not bad to step forward and listen to both sides when two of your friends have misunderstanding. It is also not bad to weigh every fact in an issue and take side after. It would be very difficult to stay in the middle of the two bumping cars.



The “Ravenclaws” of the city. This faction shows the importance of education. Composed of witty people, Erudite Faction upholds and keeps the continuity and the advancement of technology in the city. I think, Erudite is also not for me. Yes, learning is fun! Actually I like Erudite until I reached the part of the book where people started studying Tri’s brain. Ha-ha! I’m not that much into Neuroscience. It is a vital faction but I can’t imagine myself being old (as old as Jeanine Matthews…not that old XD) still researching on something.



“The Safe faction”. Safe because there is a very little chance for you to be kicked out of the group and be factionless.
I think I won’t be happy in this faction. Helping other people is good but living in a life with “zero” self-indulgence is dull. It is always nice to pick the color of your room or have a slice of cake when you pass an exam on Calculus or something. Hanging out with your friends to watch movies every end of the final exam week either to celebrate good exam results or to just chill out after having a hell week of sleepless nights–reviewing and taking examinations–is not bad too. You are not going to receive “death sentence” when you do these things, right?
Anyways, I guess there is really no total selfless person living on this planet. But, I think it would be fun to try it for some time.


No sixth or seventh faction?!? I haven’t fully fitted to any of the five yet. Hence, it proves that I am a Divergent . Actually, we are all Divergent. We never live our lives doing only one thing. There may be a chemistry professor who has a passion for Dj-ing or baking. We always have extra activities like me, keeping this blog and you, reading this blog entry.
But at the end of the day, if I have no choice but to pick one, I would choose Amity.

This is a very depressing day for me. I just feel so unproductive. I should have prepared myself that this day will come… this day will come to my life as a big painful slap on my face.

I am tired of being so hopeful. I am tired of being an optimistic person. I am tired of fooling myself… thinking that tommorow is going to be a great big day. I am tired of being… tired.

I am a planner… a failed one. It is so disgusting how life is so unpredictable. No matter how good you are at planning things, problem always sees the gray spots in your plan. It strikes when you least expect it. But usually, it happens when you are so positive and about to achieve something. It happens before the climax. It kills the climax.

I want to do a lot of things after college. But it is frightening to see your dreams fading away. I want to do this… I want to do that… but those things seem imposible to happen–now that plan for the foundation of those dreams is failing again. I am tired of thinking of remedies to save my dreams. The sea of problems seems infinite.

Why am I like this? Why am I experiencing these things? WHY I DID NOT QUALIFY IN THAT “WISH-GRANTING FACTORY?” It is my only ace to save the game… the only ticket to achieve my dreams. But I failed.

Creepy Bathroom Moments

creepy bathroom moments

Indeed, a very scary creature! I don’t know what kind of spider is this; but this one really scares me until this very day. You might not be familiar with this kind of spider; but, it’s pretty common here in the Philippines. It is not an aggressive type. I haven’t seen them used its web as its “home.”It can stay in a spot for hours but when it starts to move around, it will surely make you sprint away! Hhhhhmmm… I think it’s bigger than the hand of my five-year old brother.

Last few days ago, I saw this spider near the gate while I was reading some blogs. I called my little brothers to come over to see if they will have the same funny frightened expression like the one we typically see on a funny movie :D. It was hilarious! I wish my hands were too fast so I could capture a picture of that funny moment ha-ha! I suddenly remember my own experience with this kind of spider so I told them my story while they’re curiously looking at that “monster.”

I remember the time when I was still a kid making alibis not to go to shower. Perhaps no kid in this entire world would be grateful to enter a bathroom that has a spider in it (a spider that’s bigger than your hand!!!). And there was no chance for that spider to be kicked out of the house because according to my parents, “they eat insects and they won’t hurt you.” Of course,there were times that I had no choice but to enter that bathroom, and all I could do was to keep an eye with that creepy monster. Being alert is the name of the game. That spider is fast! It can reach you in a blink of an eye.

I also had this weird theory that spiders can sense fear XD. There is one time when I was “keeping an eye” on that spider (fearfully for sure), I noticed that the spider was moving towards me like it was threatening me. From that moment, I made a conclusion that spiders can sense fear. And if you look at them fearfully; it will surely scare you more! XD.

Yeah, I know I had a wild imagination when I was a kid :D. My fear today somehow subsides up to the point that I can take a picture of it. But I will never try to touch that freaking spider.