CVT-X Art Fair @Buku-Buku Kafe –Imus, Cavite

Oh hi everyone! I was so busy last November, but I’m baaaack! 🙂 I should have done this post a month ago, but I really had no time for my November was packed with final requirements, final exams, book reviews, research papers, and a whopping full-length TV Show project. Since my December is also going to be as equally full as my November, I better start posting the highlight of my November, 2016.

I was invited by Ms. Jessica Santiago, the owner of Buku-Buku Kafe to cover the CVT-X Art Fair. I really had no time for that, but heck; it’s Buku-Buku Kafe! How can you say “No” to that? So I cleared out my schedule and set the whole 13th of November just for this Art Fair.

artwork buku buku kafe ziano villarama

CVT-X Art Fair, an event made possible by Buku-Buku Kafe and The Al Project, is a gathering of digital and traditional artists from all over Cavite. That day was filled with art workshops, art bazaar, art demonstrations, live Open Mic Spoken Word Poetry presentations, and an art exhibit.

The Art Exhibit


Personally, I’m a not-so-artsy-type-of-guy, but the art exhibit was one of my favorite parts of the event. It’s a combination of digital and traditional artworks made by Caviteno Artists of course.

The team was still preparing stuff when I came. I actually think that I was the first one to arrive in the said event. The good thing was I had the opportunity to look and appreciate the artworks without worrying that I might be blocking the artworks to others because I was all alone that time.

bukubuku kafe i am ziano villarama

art work CVT-X Buku Buku i am Ziano Villarama

The art exhibit was composed of fascinating masterpieces, but I had my own personal favorites. Here’s my top 3.

artfairiamziano ziano bukubuku


By Maan Catimbuhan

Watercolor and papercut


ziano villarama bukubuku


By Sarah Ibasco

Watercolor and Acrylic on paper

ziano blogger artfair


By Gian Lauran

Mixed Media



[I just found out that all my photos from my DSLR are lost for unknown reasons. Huhuhu! Oh my, Ziano, this is a disaster!]

This event is not just for those who want to showcase their creativity in various faces of art. This is also for those who want to learn and further unleash their creative talents in drawing and in watercolor painting.

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ziano villarama buku buku kafe art fair

Live Mural Art

While all other activities were being held simultaneously in different parts of Buku-Buku Kafe, a live mural art painting was showcased near the main entrance of The District –Imus. This live art mural was conducted by Mr. Jo Ocampo from Cavity Collectives.

currently happening: live mural @buku.bukukafe #cvtxartfair

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New (Blogger) Friends

 The moment that really made this event memorable was the bond I had with my fellow bloggers. We talked a lot about blogging stuff and I learned new tricks and tips here and there. Having blog-related conversation with them was so fun; that finally, I had a blog conversation with someone who’s also into blogging.

Ziano villarama buku buku kafe

They’ve got interesting blogs, vlogs, photoblogs too. Please do check them out whenever you feel like to:

The Daily Whim

True False Maybe

Joyrney to Life


Days with a Camera

Cong TV

I would like to thank Cheryle Ramos, Natalie Tugade, and Jesma Salas for allowing me to use their Instagram posts about the CVT-X Art Fair.


Unexpected Power Failure at StArS’ Theatrical Play

CvSU Indang IamZIANO Ziano Cavite state university journalism
STUDENT ARTISTE SOCIETY’S stage setup for the theatrical play entitled: “Alternate” 11th of October, 2016 at the Student Union Building, Cavite State University –Indang Campus.

By Christian G. Villarama

AB Journalism 1-Irregular


“The show must go on!” Avigail Knicole B. Tangunan, a StArS member and the actress who played the role of Nanay Jhen on the theatrical play entitled: “Alternate”, made this statement on a one-on-one interview hours after the said play.

Student Artiste Society (aka StArS), a theater organization in Cavite State University –Indang Campus launched its “5th Theatre Festival” to unleash their creative talents in acting. They prepared an aggregated number of five (5) plays to showcase from Monday to Friday, October 10 -14, 2016.

On its second day, the said organization featured the play: “Alternate” a story about a woman with a Disso active  Identity  Disorder.  The play went smoothly until a sudden and unexpected power outage occurred right before the climax of the story.

The play was continued and flashlights from mobile devices were used to slay the darkness. The electricity went back right after the end of the play.

“Grabe! Napatunayan naming ang quote na “The show must go on” –na kaya naman palang gawan ng paraan.” Avigail Knicole B. Tangunan added. Also, despite of having this drawback, she still concluded the play as a success because of the help of her seniors and the director (Mr Romalc Urie Clamor) of the said play.

It was later known that the reason for the power blackout was a man named “Manong Boyet”, a janitor at the Student Union Building at the said university (the venue of the play). He turned off the power to prevent a possible catastrophic fire when he noticed a smoke coming from an electric wire.

The Homeless


Taal Volcano