G Cash Mastercard: a Review


Hhmmm… So, you want to purchase something online or pay some bills but got no cards to use? Are you looking for a safer way to shop online without providing the 16-digit ATM card number of your main savings account? Well, you are on the right spot!


Providing card information online is not my stuff. Call me paranoid or whatever name you want to call me, but I will never entrust my “plastic currency” to any kind of shopping platforms online.
Globe GCash Mastercard is a safe way to purchase stuff on the internet. It is safe because you only need to put money in the account whenever you want to purchase something. For example, you want to buy a Harry Potter Wand worth 1,200.00 PhP; then, all you have to do is to put 1,200.00 Php plus whatever the cost of shipping (if there’s any shipping fee). So, yes, there’s nothing to worry about online hackers and other bad stuff.

 The app is pretty secured too. Prior of having an access to your GCash account, it will ask first for your security PIN code. After that, the app will validate it by sending some system generated code through SMS.
In this App, you can:

•check your transaction history

•Cash in some money

•Send money to others

•Buy load for yourself or for someone else

•Pay bills


Globe Gcash App (Pay Bills Feature)

I have tried using some features of the Globe Gcash App and these are the things I’ve found out.
1.) I tried to pay my Globe Postpaid Bill. And in order for me to pay the bill, I am required to type in the reference number. It took me a call to the Hotline (And of course A LOT OF HOLD TIME) before I understood that the “reference number” and my “globe account number” is just the same. It would be better if the Globe Gcash app developers will just put “account number” instead of “reference number” to avoid confusion.
It took like 24 hours before I got a message from Globe saying that the bill payment was received. It’s kinda slow but it worked.
2.) Buying a load for a Globe prepaid subscriber works like a charm. The effect is so immediate. And the best part is the rebate. You can get as high as 8% rebate if you use your Gcash app for loading. I just don’t know if the “Buy a Load” feature supports Smart subscribers.
3.) I used my Globe Gcash Mastercard to purchase a half-year membership upgrade on Eve Online. For those of you whose not aware of Eve Online, it is an awesome international game that was develop in Iceland (yeah, I think it’s Iceland). I was doubtful that my Globe Gcash Mastercard will be accepted, but it worked. The effect was so fast. I instantly got a notification that my card was used to purchase something from Eve Online. It’s cool, right?
4.) Globe Gcash Mastercard is not accepted on WordPress.Com. WordPress is my sole reason why I applied to Gcash, but sadly, it did not go through. I called Gcash Hotline again. After nearly an hour of “please wait sir” [HOLD time] “please wait sir” [MUTE mode] “please wait sir”… The agent finally informed me that I can’t really use Gcash on WordPress.


At the end of the day, I was forced to use my other card. Hahaha! I would like to know your experience in using Globe Gcash Mastercard by adding a comment below. If you have further questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try my best to answer it ASAP 🙂 Thanks for reading.